About PPic

Founded in 2023, Princeton Pictures (PPic) is a student-run film production company that is revolutionizing the cinematic community on campus by empowering aspiring filmmakers to create impactful visual stories. At PPic, creation is at our core. Each semester, we create 2+ short-film productions that are written, directed, filmed, and edited fully by students. At the beginning of each semester, PPic holds a script submission where anyone can submit a short film script. After the board decides which scripts to pursue, PPic fully supports production teams with casting, location bookings, scheduling, equipment, and editing software. In Winter, our production teams premiere their films at the Princeton Film Festival (PFF) so that they can be shared with the entire campus and community.

Princeton Pictures strives to foster a creative, ambitious, and diverse cinematic community and thus, we hold mixers and events where students can meet each other, chat, talk about movies, and make friends.

Alongside our short-film productions, Princeton Pictures strives to provide educational opportunities for students and thus, we offer workshops in film fundamentals (PPic101), screenwriting, directing, and filmmaking throughout the semester. Workshops led by professors, industry professionals, and experienced students allow members to learn and gain insights into filmmaking and the film industry.